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T-28B Trojan
Hersteller North American (NAA)
Motor Wright Cyclone R-1820 mit 1425 PS
N343NA Baujahr 1955

In 1952, the Navy was impressed enough with the rugged Trojan that it contracted with NAA to build an improved version. The improved version was the T-28B. The "B" came equipped with the mighty Wright Cyclone R-1820, 1425 hp engine, Hamilton Standard 3-blade propeller, belly mounted speed brake, and many other changes and improvements compared to the T-28A.
489 "B" models were built and used from the middle 50's to the middle 80's.

Spannweite 12,42 m
Länge 10,03 m
Höhe 3,80 m

Foto: Andreas HofemFoto: Sven VollertFoto: Andreas HofemFoto: Sven VollertFoto: Sven VollertFoto: Sven Vollert

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